TSCA Leaders



Eric Johnston

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Graduation Date: May 2018

Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: During the summer, I interned with John Deere working with supply management in a strategic sourcing role on the Ag & Turf side of the business. I had the opportunity to work on two different projects throughout the summer. I helped develop a process improvement strategy to improve the Innovation Database, a supply management led tool to help expose innovation needs throughout the broader supply management community and the entire enterprise as well as aid throughout key phases of a small gas engines strategy for $300 million of turf and utility equipment. Along with both projects, I had multiple opportunities to shadow various supply management employees and leadership and get the opportunity to visit multiple factories, facilities, and Deere suppliers, getting a firsthand look at the various sides of the enterprise. I enjoyed my positive internship experience and hope to return with a future opportunity in Deere’s Supply Management Development Program.

Favorite part about TSCA: What I enjoy about TSCA is the opportunity to be around other supply chain majors in the Rawls College of Business along with applying what we are learning in the classroom to what’s happening throughout the industry.  Whether it’s bringing in guest speakers during meetings or putting on the TSCA Breakfast during the career fair, TSCA offers everyone the chance to be involved and to gain knowledgeable insight that will help us be more competitive and successful in our future careers.

Vice President of Operations

megan long

Megan Long

Hometown: Katy, Texas

Graduation Date: May 2018

Major: Supply Chain Management

 Internship: After my sophomore year, I completed an internship with Academy Sports and Outdoors where I worked in the logistics department. I spent most of my time in customs compliance where I had a project focusing on free trade agreements and Academy’s private label import items. My goal was to identify duty saving opportunities for the company. This past summer I completed another internship with BNSF Railway as a transportation intern. I spent my time shadowing trainmasters as well many other roles within operations. I also completed a project researching dwell and initial terminal delay with grain trains at the Auburn, Washington terminal.

Favorite part about TSCA:


Vice President of Membership

faith evana

Faith Evans

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Graduation Date: May 2018

Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: This summer, I had an internship with Academy Sports and Outdoors in the Domestic Logistics department. My project was about choosing a carrier that would potentially service the Academy stores from the distribution center in Katy. I compared the rates the carriers proposed using a request for proposal process. Another project I worked on was a cost analysis. I compared freight rates from 2016 to freight rates in 2017 to see how the rates changed. My day to day tasks were scheduling appointments for inbound cargo. I got to interact with carriers to solve different problems that would arise. I also got to shadow other people in different departments that are a part of the supply chain. I loved the atmosphere at Academy and enjoyed working the domestic logistics team.

Favorite Part about TSCA: Favorite part about TSCA: I joined TSCA because I wanted to learn more about Supply Chain Management. I have enjoyed listening to the speakers who give a glimpse of the different aspects of supply chain. Also, I enjoyed the TSCA Career Expo breakfast. The breakfast gave me the chance to network with different recruiters about internships. Lastly, I have learned a lot about Supply Chain Management through TSCA and look forward to this semester as an officer.

 Vice President of Internal Communications


Joshua Ringsdorf

Hometown: Highland Village, Texas

Graduation Date: May 2019

Major: Supply Chain Management

Internship: This summer I had the opportunity to intern at DHL in the operations department. Over the course of the summer I was tasked with two main projects. The first consisted of reducing transportation costs by maximizing cubic utilization on inbound trailers. Our team of interns conducted time studies to see how a change in process would affect our warehouse costs. Along with our time studies, we analyzed how maximizing cubic utilization would eliminate truckloads coming from Mexico. By developing a process to maximize cubic utilization, we estimated saving $1,300,000 in transportation costs yearly. The second project I was tasked with was shadowing one of the operations supervisors at the site. Shadowing an operations supervisor provided an opportunity for me to develop managerial experience. I conducted pre-shift meetings to 25 employees and managed productivity on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Favorite part about TSCA: What I enjoy about TSCA is the opportunity to network with my peers, professors and faculty, and company recruiters. TSCA gives students of all classifications the opportunity to develop valuable relationships to enhance their college experience. Every year, TSCA puts on a networking breakfast with companies who are recruiting Supply Chain students. This breakfast gives students the ability to have personal conversations with recruiters from top supply chain companies.

Vice President of External Communications

zachary dylla

Zachary Dylla

Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

Graduation Date: May 2018

Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: This past summer I was a commercial marketing intern for Terminix in Memphis, TN. I got my hands on a lot of projects that varied from vendor calls and ad agency work, to an improved new-hire onboarding process for our 50 commercial branches. I was also a part of a major segmentation project used to identify our different customers across the commercial spectrum. The regulations and requirements of a pest control company vary a lot between a restaurant and a warehouse, so there were a number of different variables we used to consider what businesses Terminix wanted to focus on going into 2018. I also enjoyed plenty of live music and barbecue in Memphis!

Favorite part about TSCA: I joined TSCA last semester and was really impressed with the opportunities to learn about the industry from companies, former students, and classmates. This organization really gives you an inside track to network with people from various viewpoints. It’s open to all business students, and I would highly encourage you to join even if you’re not a supply chain major. There’s free food at every meeting!

Vice President of Finance

anthony mcclain

Anthony Mcclain

 Hometown: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Graduation Date: August 2018

Major: Supply Chain Management

 Internship: Over the past three and a half years I have worked for a company here in Lubbock that addresses addiction issues. Within this company, I have had the opportunity to display many relevant skills. Some of these skills include client relations using CRM software, establishing and maintaining relationships with suppliers, both domestic and abroad, and marketing skills, just to name a few.

 Favorite part about TSCA: My favorite part of TSCA is that it gives us the opportunity to network with, not only students with similar interests, but with company recruiters as well.