TSCA Leaders

Josie Ripley




Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico                                                                           Graduation Date: May 2017
Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: I had an internship at Sandia National Labs this summer. I worked in the Supplier Diversity and Supply Chain Risk management area. I helped implement business processes. I helped prepare for a SBA audit. I helped reconcile subcontracts. I have assisted in the creating a database to control DOE procurement requirements. I assisted in Risk Management projects.

Favorite part about TSCA:  I love TSCA because it gives me a chance to network with other people who are also interested in supply chain. It’s helpful for my classes to get to know other people in my major. I also love the fact that I can learn more about Supply Chain from our monthly meetings.

Megan Long 


Vice President of Operations


Hometown: Katy, Texas
Graduation Date: May 2018
Major: Supply Chain Mangement

Summer Internship: During my internship with Academy Sports and Outdoors, I worked in the logistics department. I spent most of my time in customs compliance where I had a project focusing on free trade agreements and Academy’s private label import items. My goal was to identify duty saving opportunities for the company. I focused in on five specific items and identified over two million dollars worth of potential savings among these. At the close of my internship I presented my findings and proposed solution to the entire logistics department as well as other members of the company. In addition to this, I spent lots of time shadowing individuals from many different departments to learn the business as a whole and the different opportunities I have as a supply chain major.

Favorite part about TSCA: My favorite part about TSCA would probably be the career expo breakfast. It’s an awesome opportunity to network with recruiters while they’re still fresh. It also allows you to have lengthier conversations than you typically do during the expo. Once it’s over, it’s nice to revisit companies during the expo. The recruiters already recognize you from the breakfast which really helps with nerves and conversation starters.

Eric Johnston


Vice President of Finance


Hometown: Houston, TX
Graduation Date: May 2018
Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: I previously interned with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra during the Fall 2016 semester working as their marketing/administrative intern.  Some of the key things that I worked on during my time with the LSO were creating weekly material for their Facebook page, providing behind the scenes support before, during, and after concerts, and developing a marketing strategy for future symphony concert packages along with interesting ways to increase future remarketing potential amongst different demographic groups.  

Favorite part about TSCA: What I enjoy about TSCA is the opportunity to be around other supply chain majors in the Rawls College of Business along with applying what we are learning in the classroom to what’s happening throughout the industry.  Whether it’s bringing in guest speakers during meetings or putting on the TSCA Breakfast during the career fair, TSCA offers everyone the chance to be involved and to gain knowledgeable insight that will help us be more competitive and successful in our future careers.

Jamie Parvin


Vice President of Membership


Hometown: Lewinstown, Idaho
Graduation Date: May 2017
Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: This summer I have been an intern at Texas Department of Transportation in the procurement division. My big project for the summer has been to expedite the process of closing purchase orders; with about 180 purchase orders created every day, I’ve got a lot to work on. I have edited and updated templates for solicitations and purchase orders for the department. TxDOT has been an enjoying agency to be at; the supervisors are very understanding and want this to be a learning opportunity and the other members of the purchasing team are friendly and add to the relaxed work environment. Its been a good experience to get a look into public purchasing and have that perspective while we learn how the private industry works in class.

Favorite part about TSCA: I joined TSCA because I wanted to learn more about supply chain management and its real world applications while making friendships with other students in the program. My favorite thing about TSCA is opportunities we have, as members, to listen and talk with professionals from the industry at guest speaker meetings and the supply chain breakfast before the career fair. Each of these opportunities builds crucial confidence and networking skills.

Faith Evans


Vice President of External Communications 


Hometown: Houston, TX
Graduation Date: May 2018
Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: This summer, I will be starting my internship with Academy in Domestic Logistics. I am excited for the opportunity to be in a real world setting of logistics. I am eager to meet and network with the other interns from all over the country.

Favorite part about TSCA: I joined TSCA because I wanted to learn more about Supply Chain Management. I have enjoyed listening to the speakers who give a glimpse of the different aspects of supply chain. Also, I enjoyed the TSCA Career Expo breakfast. The breakfast gave me the chance to network with different recruiters about internships. Lastly, I have learned a lot about Supply Chain Management through TSCA and look forward to this semester as an officer.

Josh Ringsdorf


Vice President of Internal Communications 


Hometown: Highland Village, TX                                                                                                               Graduation Date: May 2019                                                                                                                   Major: Supply Chain Management

Summer Internship: Last summer I had the opportunity to intern for Mary Kay Inc at their Southwest Distribution Center located in Carrollton, Texas. At Mary Kay, I worked mainly with the Inventory Control department. The main project I worked on was analyzing forecasts and making necessary adjustments to balance the pick line consisting on 850 SKU’s.  Other projects I handled consisted of backorder reports, increasing cycle count accuracy, and other warehouse reports.

Favorite part about TSCA: My favorite part of TSCA is having the opportunity to network with my peers, professors, and recruiters. Being a sophomore, I have been able to meet older students who have given me valuable advice on how to succeed in future classes and in the real world. TSCA is a great organization for any supply chain student regardless of their classification!